Have A Sleepover Honey

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My daughter had this friend when she was in school and she was bad news. She had been held back so she was a year older than the other kids and you could tell she had miles more experience. The first time my daughter had her spend the night I knew I was done for. She was the sexiest cutie I had ever seen. My cock got instantly hard and she knew it. She used to throw herself at me every chance she got. Any time my daughter wasn’t looking she was grabbing my cock.

She used to beg me to fuck her but I wouldn’t do it. One night after everyone was asleep she came into the living and sat by me on the couch. She had nothing but panties and a t shirt on and I could see everything. She put my hand between her pussy and rubbed my hand against her. I didn’t stop her. Get this RubATeen.com 74% off discount and see just how amazing rubbing on those tight pussies really is.