She Has My Undivided Attention

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With that ass and that look she’s giving there… if she looked at me like that in that pose on that little couch thingy then she’s going to get exactly what that expression of hers is asking for. Gawd dayhum she’s incredibly sexy and I so want to find this scene or photo set but I can’t figure out what her name is. If anyone knows, drop me a comment.

What I am going to do anyways, not only to find this girl’s work but also because the network is so awesome and well worth it is pocket this $30 discount to Evil Angel. Yeah exactly, that is a huge saving and dare I say they are one of the hottest networks around.

I love that they’re not scared to push the envelope just a little to make it ever so more raunchy while still keeping it tasteful. That in itself must be a bit of an art to balance in this game.

So yeah, that’s less than 10 bucks for almost 30 porn sites and they have a yearly subscriber’s package too which is even cheaper per month.